2017 Village Tour – Cyprus

Tourists – Bates, Hess, Hill, Khan, Langridge, Bowl, Hughes

The 2017 Village tour was the clubs first ever trip to Cyprus! The trip kept up the clubs tradition of going on tour every year since 1983 with the infamous exception of 1998. A total of 34 tours in total!

Village FC 9 – 2 Limassol Select XI

Despite the lone game being played in the late evening it was still a torturously warm affair. Rumours were rife before the game that the Limassol Select XI had pulled in a number of Cypriot professionals in order to put the English side in their place but in the end the Village players were happy to hear that the opposition had only managed to draw in two Cypriot semi-professionals for the game!

Village started the more brightly out of the two sides and spent the first five minutes of the game sounding out the opposition moving the ball around the pitch with the opposition not touching the ball during the opening stint. Village soon realised that they were going to be the superior team and Hess started to cause havoc in the Limassol defence and soon fired home the first which was swiftly followed by a long range Bates strike which many of the watching audience felt was disrespectful to the Cypriot style of football! Another Hess goal before the break saw the Village boys go into half time with a 3-0 lead which meant that they didn’t have to face the wrath of Ric Bowl.

The second half started much in the way the first finished with honorary Village FC players Bamobs & Allan combining to make it 4 before Hess once again turned the defence inside out to make it 5. Slack defending from Hill and Bates let the home side back into the game with two quick fire goals. Despite Khan wearing his boots the wrong way round and deciding he couldn’t score in a brothel another Bambos finish and a couple from Hill (including a ‘Bergkampesque’ control and finish) finished off the Cypriots. Hughes made his way on to the pitch for a short cameo for the visitors and found himself one on one with the keeper and finished well on the rebound to round off a comfortable victory for the boys in red and black.

Game Statistics

Goalscorers; Hess (3), Hill (2), Bambos (2), Bates, Hughes

Possession: Village 67% – 33% Limassol

Shots: Village 24, Limassol 10, Khan 8

Shots on Target: Village 14, Limassol 5, Khan 0

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