Village FC is a well established club in the Birmingham AFA and has 5 Saturday teams competing in the league and cups, with a Veterans team competing in annual competition also. We pride ourselves on being able to attract players of all different standard and qualities with our sides competing in varying divisions (Premier to Division 6).

Our training facilities have recently changed due to the redevelopment at the University but we still offer varying and enjoyable training sessions where we spend some time working on fitness/technique (again catering for our varying levels of fitness) and an hour playing time where we get to spend time on the field, playing a match with your fellow team members.

Village FC has always prided itself on having an excellent social aspect as well as striving for greatness on the field. If you join Village FC, you will be joining a very sociable club which always has something going on whether it’s official socials or just gathering of players. We also have a summer cricket team, poker club, end of season inter-team tournament and most famously, we have our annual European tour where the club has visited many European countries since 1983 to enjoy great cities and face international opposition at the sport we love.

Please take a look around at our website and social media pages, it should give you a feel for the club. If you would like to contact us with more questions, please do, we will be happy to answer any questions. If you would like to just turn up for a training session, that is fine as well, somebody will be able to help you there. We are very welcoming of new members and with the amount of teams, we are always looking for new blood. If you contact us, we will get somebody to meet you at training, talk you through the session, introduce you to some of the players and help you feel at home.  If transport is a problem, fear not, we have players from all over Birmingham who can help with transport to training and matches.

We are confident after training, playing and experiencing the social side of Village FC – you will be here for years to come like so many others. The fact we have still have so many alumni, veterans and legends involved in the club is testament to what Village FC ends up meaning to a lot of our members and their families.

Hope to hear from you soon

Village FC Recruitment Team

10 Reasons Why You Should Join Village FC

1. One of the best run clubs in the AFA with a 40 year+ history
2. Play on arguably the best pitches around for home games
3. Caters for players of all abilities with 5 Saturday teams and 1 Veterans team
4. Superb training and training facilities at Birmingham University
5. Join a great social club, with plenty of opportunities for beer-based bonding, poker socials etc.
6. Annual tour overseas
7. Whole host of successes across all teams (see Honours Page!)
8. Un-Rivalled web presence so you can keep up to date easily.
9. Play cricket in the summer!
10. Appreciate the importance of having something to get you away from the missus for Saturday afternoons!


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